Automotive Inventory Merchandising

Streamline and simplify your inventory management strategy.

Merchandise your lot more effectively.

With’s inventory tools, you’ll enjoy centralized insight into every vehicle on your lot, the ability to forecast more effectively, and the power to execute profitable merchandising strategy accurately and instantly both on your site and across the web.

Drive engagement for every vehicle.


Mobile Lot Capture

An intuitive smartphone app makes it possible to VIN-scan inventory on your lot, upload to your site, and ensure flawless photos.


Photo Overlays

Help your inventory stand out using customizable photo overlays that allow you to highlight price changes, sales, specials, or other key marketing messages.


Window Stickers and Buyers Guides

Ensure price accuracy and brand consistency between the digital world and the dealership showroom with printable Window Stickers and Buyers Guides.

Feature your best price with Incentives Manager.

Our Incentives Manager tool automatically delivers OEM and program-wide incentives straight to your website and ads. It pulls accurate data, creates and distributes incentives-based ads across the search engines, and updates your website for optimum conversion – all in real time. The process is automated for easy tracking and control: Make an adjustment once, and your website, paid search, and display ads are all updated instantly.

Optimize in real time.


Inventory Lifecycles

The Inventory Lifecycles tool makes it possible to control every vehicle’s “life” on the lot – from complete insight into its marketing opportunities to the ability to configure and control exactly how it’s priced and merchandized.


Demand-Driven Merchandising Automation

With inventory merchandising, you can easily view essential details about your overall inventory’s marketability and health. You can also gauge everything from a given vehicle’s consumer demand to its overall time-on-lot and adjust pricing and merchandising accordingly. Adjustments can be scheduled in advance and will be synchronized everywhere the vehicle is merchandised online.


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